What is this section ?

Well, this section is partially a showcase ,partially a show-off and partially a small contribution to the vast reserves of free-floating knowledge on the net.A small payback to the entity that imparts you so much knowledge .To the coutless sites where you learn so many new things , which'd stay with you long after you forget the sources .
Enjoy ...

I'm puitting here a random assortment of small programmes,pieces of codes and titbits.Much it is a part of what I did to learn the languages and systems,in the hope that it would help you .

files and languages


Platform Independent




  • BlackZip:

    A MultiPlatform MultiFormat file compression and file Spliiting Utility .
  • Digital Piano :

    An application to turn your computer into a 128 instruments Synthasizer .
  • SiteSearch :

    An applet to search small sites .
  • Sliding puzzle :

    An applet based sliding image puzzle.Add your image
  • Data Scroll :

    A ticker tape applet with customizable looks .You can use your own Image and Text file .
  • Hindi Transliterator (BETA) :

    An E-PAtra like Applicaiton for the desktop . For those who ,like me, have ever needed to type in Hindi but don't know how to . ust type in english and see the syllables covert to Hindi . Save/reuse/mail the text !
  • TIPS and TWEAKS :

    Ever wanted the beautiful toolbars without all the adds ?Want to add your applications to Desktop Right-Klick menu,to send-to Menu ? And some more.....
  • Javascripts :

    All the scripts on this site are my own .You are free to use them as long as you put in a link back to this site (And I trust you to that .)
    The script for changing the colors of this site are here : ../rahul.js .I'm not providing any descrption and directions. The clue , though , is to use frames (And I don't hate frames anymore ,obviously ! ).
  • The Java Debug Tip :
    this is a nifty little class I use to debug my java programs . When testing a program with a number of classes , it prints not only a message (As with System.out.print), but also which of the loaded classes generated the message or error message .

  • All Softwares listed here are covered by following license :


    This is a FREE software. You can use    this 
    software free of cost for  unlimited duration 
    for non-Commercial purposes .You  are free to 
    distribute files created with  this software . 
    You can also freely destribute  this software 
    provided there is no alteration   made in the 
    files included in this  software.
    You acknowledge that the SOFTWARE  is provided "
    as is" and that the develepor shall ot be resposible 
    for any loss or damages arising  due to the use of
     this product ,if any  .


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