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  For some reason I decided to go personal (Online, that is).And this became the favourite pastime. This site has been in existence a few months and I saw my guestbook swell at a meteoric rate of 1 person per month (Apart from a few others who decided to mail me.)But it was enough to realize how tangled the web is.What was delectable to some was ' nauseating (sic.)' to someone else.

  So here are the result of the overhaul job.Now (I hope)you can see this site in any of the given color schemes.You'll need a JavaScript enabled browser to avail the choices (Thought I should tell you that :-) My Netscape 3.04 can get the point too, though it's quirky when pitched against DHTML .Nothing fatal, though.So, enjoy yourself.

  Right now it's a W.I.P. So feedbacks are requested.Feel free to suggest other schemes.

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  • SITEMAP : That's a confusing description of the pages on this site.Better just hit any button at will to navigate.By the way,It's this page.
  • INDEX : Well, that's where you are going from this page. You can choose your color preferences from there .
  • INTRO : That's a brief overview of this site
  • IT'S ME: And my friends !
  • APPLET : That's the waterfront where you can sit down and relax.Don't Miss it ! It may take some time to load as all applets do.
  • SOFTWARES : Here's a linup of programs I made to make life simpler .See if you find something to pick .
  • BOOKS : A random selection of English and Hindi writers and books I love to read again and again.
  • PHOTOS :A collection of few photographs .These pages use Dynamic HTML so you will enjoy them better on a Javasript enabled browser.
  • JOURNALS :Random Notes.
  • TASTES : There are few things you like ;and a few you can do without.
  • GUESTS : Please take a moment to sign my guestbook.Anything goes. I'll appreciate your feedback very much.
  • LINKS : Some of my favourites on the web.
  • THANKS : Time to say thanks to evrybody who helped with this job.

 I recently fixed the javascript for Netscape6.If you are surfing with NS6, I'd appreciate if you could give some feedback .
By the way, all bugs notwithstanding, I was really bowled over by the looks of NetScape6.Once the bugs are fixed, it sure is going to be the new heartthrob.

-Well , I'm using NS7 (Beta ) now ,and this one is a true beauty !Try it .


Incidentally, people have been here since August 2000.