Linux Mandrake 9.1 on Dell Inspiron 5100



Late May, 2003, I was given a Dell Inspiron 5100.  I love this laptop, well… aside from the fact it ONLY has Windows XP on it.  So, I decided to put Linux Mandrake 9.1 on it.  Here’s my story (briefly).

Install Mandrake 9.1

The Mandrake installer made things simple, I had already reformatted my C: drive for Windows, and reinstalled windows on a 10GB partition.  I used the other 30GB of the disk for Mandrake.  It was extremely easy to perform the install.  Just click the mouse a few times, make your package selection, and your done.  Its just that easy.

Network Card

The Network Interface Card in the laptop has the Broadcom 4401 chipset.  Many Redhat installs have had trouble with this particular chipset/NIC.  Mandrake detected my NIC no problem, and configured it. 

Sound Card

The sound card was configured during install.  Easy J


Ok, many people are/have been having trouble with ACPI on their laptop.  I would like to say, that in Mandrake 9.1, there is ACPI support, but, you have to enable the package manually.  When you are at the package selection screen, go into Expert mode for a minute, and find the ACPI Support package.  I did have a problem booting, but I am not sure if the ACPI was the cause.  I disabled ACPI, by reinstalling, and the problem went away…

Current Project

My current project is getting Linux to share the internet connection with my other pcs. I have been around and around with this, and have no resolve for it yet.  If anyone would like to help, or perhaps thinks they can, please drop mea  line at: